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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are commonly asked questions from my customers in the past.

1. For how long have you been an Albuquerque DJ?

My whole life; I started djing young since birth, jk!  My overall start to djing began in 1996. At that point, I began practicing the turntables and doing small house parties. I started Albuquerque night club djing in 2004 (Neds & Sauce night clubs downtown).  I established SW DJ Entertainment in 2004. Furthermore, I started to cut and create my own music in 2007. Currently, DJ at QBAR on various bookings

2. Do you play every Genre?

I play every genre the customer prefers.  I provide the customer an event form. On this event form the customer selects the genres they prefer and provide a sample playlist prior to the event.  This helps me understand the customer’s music requirement.

3. Is Albuquerque DJs Service your only Job?

No, I currently work for the Department of Defense in acquisitions; been there 12 years.  I am also a student at the University of New Mexico, studying for my MBA.

4. Why are so much cheaper than other Albuquerque DJs?

I try to bring a cost savings to customer by minimizing all my operational costs and overheads. For example, I try to avoid expensive phonebook costs in replacement of lower internet costs. Furthermore, Albuquerque DJ is not my primary profession but a hobby I love soo much.

5. Do you provide dance competition or cheerleading music?

Yes, I cut and edit hundreds of music for dance and fitness competitions.

6. Do you have other Albuquerque DJs working for you?

Every event I book, I will be the performer. However, I have friends and family who DJ, nightclubs and radio in Albuquerque, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.  In addition to that, I have DJs coming to me to teach them all the time.  In some instances, I will have other Albuquerque DJs with me the night of the event.

7. How much to travel outside the Albuquerque area?

Travel is complimentary for the first 50 miles (Santa Fe, Los Lunas, Moriarty). Thereafter, I charge $0.50 per mile (eg. Albuq. to Espanola and back is 180 miles = $40.00).  In other cases where lengthy travel is redundant, a negotiated amount will be considered.

8. How is your system?

System is top-of-the-line.  Only the best, I am very vain in regard to quality and appearance. If your going to do it you better do it right.

9. How many songs do you have?

I have 15 gigs of music. That is roughly 9,000 songs.  I try to get quality music in every genre and not so much bulk.  However, I have wireless internet every where I go so I can download if needed.

10. Do you provide consultations?

Of course, the first consultation is free.  It is very important to get to know your needs and requirement.  Subsequently, we will fill out an event form and schedule of events/agenda. In addition to that, we will walk through the entire night together to get a better understanding of what is required from all of us.

11. Do you require a deposit, and when do I pay?

I require a $50.00 deposit upon hiring to lock in the date for upcoming recent events.  I ask a $75 deposit for events scheduled 6 months out. I require full payment before/after DJ services are complete. 

12. How much will I pay in tax?

Albuquerque NMGRT Tax rate. Breakout of final invoice and costs will provided during consultation or request for quote (email).

13. Do you take requests?

Yes or no, depending on your requirement. 

14. Is your music edited bad language free.

Of course,  I assure all music is cuss free.  I can edit music to remove bad language. If a bad song sneaks in ill fade to the next song.

15. How much time is needed to setup? 

I prefer an 1.5 - 2 hours.  I am very compulsive on appearance and how every wire cord and strand is placed. Early set up costs may be applicable to setups needed earlier than two hours.

16. How many weddings have you personally done?

I have provided Wedding DJ Services for hundreds of events. Pretty much every weekend for the past eight years. I have more experience than your paid-to-hire wedding coordinators. I will be your master of cerermony for your event which entails announcing and coordinating the flow of events/agenda.

17. How will you be dressed?

I dress how you require me to dress; for example, suit-n-tie, business casual, costume, or normal.  However, I always dress professional.

18. Are you the best Albuquerque DJ ?

I have been told that many times. I always strive to be the best I can no matter what I do. I don't compete much with the Albuquerque DJs. I look to be the best and compete against the best Djs in the world, many which are in Las Vegas, New York, London, and LA.

19. Can I come see you perform?

Yes, I will ask that you follow me on twitter or facebook to follow my bookings. However, every event is different and catered to the crowd and not neccesarly how I will perform your event